13 Tips on how to get rid of rabbits under shed?

How To Get Rid Of Rabbits Under Shed

Rabbits are a common problem for many people who have shed. They get into the shed and make a mess of it, leaving droppings everywhere and chewing on things to eat. This article will provide 13 tips on how to get rid of rabbit under shed so you can go back to enjoying your space.  … Read more

Why does my rabbit thump at night? 8 Useful Tips To Know

Why does my rabbit thump at night

Why Does My Rabbit Thump At Night? In general, rabbits thump when they are feeling stressed or frightened. Rabbits have excellent hearing and sense of smell. Rabbits thump at night when they are feeling stressed or frightened. In the presence of a predator like a deer, raccoon, dog outside your house, rabbits can hear or smell. … Read more

Why Rabbits Grind Their Teeth: The Scientific Reason

Rabbits are cute animals that people often want to pet. When you stroke a rabbit, it will grind its teeth. Why do rabbits do this?  Here is the scientific reason why!  What Does Rabbit Teeth Grinding Mean? Rabbit teeth are grinding means that the rabbit is relaxed and content. The cute little critters called rabbits … Read more

Is A Rabbit A Rodent or A Mammal?

Are you looking for a way to keep your kids entertained? What better than taking them on an educational adventure?  This blog post will help you learn the answer to one of life’s great questions: “Is a rabbit a rodent?” What Is A Rodent? Rodent comes from the Latin word for “animal that gnaws” and refers to any … Read more

12 Ways To Tell If Your Rabbit Is Happy

Ways To Tell If Your Rabbit Is Happy

If you are a rabbit owner, it is important to know signs that your bunny is happy. Rabbits are very sensitive animals who can easily get depressed if they are not properly taken care of. Knowing signs of happiness in rabbits will help keep them healthy and feeling good.  This blog post discusses 12 signs … Read more