Why Rabbits Grind Their Teeth: The Scientific Reason

Rabbits are cute animals that people often want to pet. When you stroke a rabbit, it will grind its teeth.

Why do rabbits do this? 

Here is the scientific reason why! 

What Does Rabbit Teeth Grinding Mean?

Rabbit teeth are grinding means that the rabbit is relaxed and content.

The cute little critters called rabbits are full of charm for many people, but if you see your pet bunny grind its teeth, it could mean trouble. This behavior can indicate several concerns, from dental pain to an upset stomach. 

If this occurs when you approach your bunny, it may be a sign of anxiety or fear.

What to do When Your Rabbit Grinds Its Teeth

If the teeth grinding occurs when you pick your bunny up, they are most likely afraid! You can move slowly and carefully towards them with an open hand to let them know that you mean no harm.

If your bunny grinds their teeth when they are hungry, it typically means they need more food or a change in diet. 

If the rabbit has been eating hay and pellets from a dish all day long, try giving them some fresh vegetables as well!

Are they having dental issues? 

Rabbit’s teeth can grow up to 24 inches per year, so it’s essential to ensure their teeth are trimmed at the veterinarian. 

If they cannot reach and chew on hay, they will not grind their teeth.

How Can I Relieve My Rabbit’s Pain?

If your rabbit is in pain, first, you need to know why. Never give them human drugs for pain because these are toxic to rabbits.

You can test your rabbit for pain. You might not be able to touch the rabbit because she will reject anything that hurts her. She might bite or nip you. You should wear gloves for your safety.

  • To check for tooth pain, offer your rabbit a favorite, tricky treat. If your pet refuses to eat, she is likely in dental discomfort. Most rabbits cannot resist these sugary vegetables.
  • To check for muscular pain or impact injuries, gently attempt to touch your rabbit’s limbs. Start by petting her head and back. When

Infections are usually cleared up with antibiotics. Your vet will also be able to offer you a painkiller in pill form.

Degenerative issues, such as arthritis require more long-term care. Look for supplements that will ease your pet’s discomfort. It would help if you also massaged your rabbit’s limbs regularly.

Dental pain will usually require a vet. Your rabbit’s teeth will likely need to be trimmed using professional equipment. In the meantime, encourage your

Why Rabbits Grind Their Teeth

Rabbits grind their teeth for two reasons. First, many pet rabbits are very stressed, and the grinding of teeth is a calming behavior.

Secondly, when we stroke them, we usually do it along one side of their body, which can cause soreness in that area if done too often. This leads to more chewing on that spot which will wear down their teeth.

This is why rabbits chew on things like wood, even when they are not hungry.

Disadvantages of Rabbit Grinding Teeth

The grinding of their teeth can calm rabbits.

Their teeth are always being worn down, which means they do not have to get them checked as often at a veterinarian’s office.

Why Rabbits Grind Their Teeth

If a rabbit grinds its front incisors too much, it may cause a fracture which will require veterinary attention.

Grinding teeth can also be a sign that your rabbit is not feeling well, and you should bring it to the veterinarian’s office for an immediate examination.

How To Grinding Rabbit Teeth

If your bunny grinds its teeth while you pet it, this is a good sign and should be enjoyed.

It also means that they love their caregiver enough to try and protect themselves from hurting themselves.

However, if teeth grinding becomes excessive or there are other signs that something may not be right with your rabbit’s health, you should bring it to the veterinarian’s office for an examination.

Rabbits can grind their teeth in many situations, and knowing why they do this is an excellent way of understanding your bunny better.

If you are not sure what your rabbit is telling you when they start grinding their teeth, make sure that there isn’t something more serious going on.

If your rabbit seems to be in pain and you cannot find the source, take it to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Rabbits grind their teeth for many reasons, but we can understand why they do this if we know what is causing them stress or discomfort. The grinding of teeth should not cause pain, but it can signify something more serious.

If your rabbit is grinding its teeth too much, or there are other signs that your bunny may not feel well, you should immediately take it to the veterinarian for an examination.

Grinding Rabbit Teeth Video

Rabbits grind their teeth in many different situations, and understanding why they do this can help you understand your bunny better.

The video below shows why rabbits grind their teeth and how we should react:

If there is something more serious going on, your rabbit may be in pain or grinding its teeth too much. In these cases, visit a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Tooth Grinding vs. Tooth Chattering

There are some differences between teeth grinding and purring. These are:

  • Sound: The sound of teeth grinding is loud and angry. It is impossible to ignore. Teeth chattering sounds gentle and even melodic.
  • Frequency: Rabbits grind their teeth. They do it slowly and not very often. When they chatter, they do it a lot and fast.
  • Eye movement. Look at your rabbit while she moves her teeth. If her eyes are closed, she is chattering in contentment. If they are bulging and alert, she is in pain or frightened.
  • Movement Problem: A rabbit who moves a lot has a problem. They need help as soon as possible.

Over time, you will learn about your pet. Rabbits do not make many sounds. This means that you need to know how her teeth are moving to understand her moods. 

Rabbits only show signs of being sick when they are too ill to hide it any longer.

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